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"A beguilingly simple and lacerating tale of belonging"

Leonardo Goi, Senses of Cinema

Happy Ending

United States · Drama · English, Mandarin · 2020 · 14 min 


"Happy Ending" is a short film that explores the kinship between two strangers in a city of isolation and connection. A taciturn Zamboni driver finds comfort in his work, preferring the company of his icy rink to other people. When his shift is suddenly called off one day, he grapples with his newfound freedom by following a discarded coupon to an underground massage parlor.

Honors (under festival review)


AU Hogan as "O"

Karen Ya Ping Chang as "Yalin"

Writer/Director: Mei Chang Liu

Producer: Tiffany Chen

Co-Producers: Elliot Gong, Hannah Swayze

Director of Photography: Fanchao Meng

Production Designers: Noa Ryan, Naimeng Guo, Baylee Brown

Editor/Colorist: Colton Fordyce

Sound Designer: Romain Sturma

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