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The Last Ride

China · Drama · Mandarin · 2019 · 22 min


Intrigued by a generous offer, a tightfisted taxi driver steps on a long night's journey with his unusual passenger. As they travel through every corner of this sleepless metropolis, he gradually discovers her gentle secret and realizes that this is probably their "last ride".



Zhenfei Chen as "Taxi Driver"

Jing Zheng as "Passenger"

Writer/Director: John Jiang

Producer: Ted Wang

Associate Producer: Elliot Gong, Mingjun Hu

Director of Photography: Yinbo Yuan

Production Designer: Yuyan Jiang

Sound Designer: Chang Liu

Composer: Yongjia Chen

Colorist: Kevin Zhuang


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Official Trailer on Youtube (Outside Mainland China)

Official Trailer on XinPianChang (Mainland China)

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